Nick Jonas: I’d Marry Demi Lovato, Kiss Selena Gomez, and Leave Miley Cyrus

Nick Jonas has revealed that he would rather marry Demi Lovato, kiss Selena Gomez, and leave Miley Cyrus during a game of “Lips, Wife and Leave It” with Capital FM radio.


Nick Jonas had to play a rather difficult game of “Lips, Wife and Leave It” (the British version of “F**k, Marry, Kill”) during a recent radio interview–with his choices being good friend Demi Lovato and former girlfriends Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus.

During the game, the singer started off with a disclaimer, saying that he was in a “pretty happy relationship” (he’s currently dating former Miss USA Olivia Culpo) before giving his answers. He then said, “Demi, obviously… wife, because we’re like brother and sister and friends. I’d prefer to spend life with her, as opposed to the others.”

As for Selena and Miley? “I dated both of them at some point in time… it’s a little bit more uncomfortable,” Nick admitted. He then revealed that he would prefer to kiss Selena (“Lips”)–leaving Miley with “Leave It.”

“Although I’ve got love for Miley,” he added quickly. “She’s great.”

Watch the video HERE.

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