Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized with Rare, Incurable Virus

Lindsay Lohan was reportedly hospitalized with a rare, incurable virus following a vacation in Bora Bora.


Poor Lindsay!

The actress has reportedly contracted a virus from her recent vacation in Bora Bora–a rare, incurable virus called Chikungunya, which causes fever, joint pain, and fatigue and is transmitted through mosquito bites.

Lohan started feeling the symptoms of the illness once she returned to Los Angeles from her holiday vacation, which was just before the new year. The actress then went to London, where she was hospitalized at King Edward VII’s Hospital with a high fever and intense joint pain.

The fever subsided while the “Mean Girls” star was in hospital and she has since been released, but was referred by doctors to a specialist for continued treatment of the virus.

While incurable, the mortality rate of Chikungunya is extremely low–less than 1 out of 1000. However, the symptoms–specifically the joint pain–can be severe and disabling, and can last weeks, months, or even years.

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