Kim Kardashian Makes Fun of Her Selfie Obsession in New Super Bowl Commercial

Kim Kardashian makes fun of her infamous selfie obsession in her new Super Bowl commercial for T-Mobile.

kim kardashian selfie

There’s no doubt that Kim Kardashian knows full well her penchant for taking photos of herself is a little bit above the norm. And she’s certainly not ashamed of it–she even created a coffee table book called “SELFISH,” containing a collection of all the selfies she’s never posted before.

Now, Kim is making fun of her selfie obsession in her new Super Bowl commercial–a mock PSA for T-Mobile, in which she promotes the company’s “Data Stash” service,¬†which allows customers to keep unused data for up to a year. In the ad, she talks about how people need to “help save the data” so they would never miss out on seeing any of her selfies.

“The commercial is so funny and I think for once, you know, you see I’m kind of poking fun at the idea of the ridiculousness of everyone and their selfies,” Kim tells ET. “I love it. I’m a big fan of selfies. I’ve taken them for decades.”

Watch the commercial:

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