Jennifer Lawrence Poses Naked with Snake for Vanity Fair

Jennifer Lawrence poses naked with a giant snake for Vanity Fair’s latest issue!


Jennifer Lawrence simply oozes unbridled sex appeal in this stunning new photo for Vanity Fair.

Shot at a private Hollywood Hills residence by photographer Patrick Demarchelier, the hot pic features the Oscar winner in all her naked glory with a very real, giant Colombian red-tailed boa constrictor wrapped around her body.

“Jennifer has the perfect combination of strength, sexuality, and humor, and, above all, tomboy to pull this off,” Vanity Fair fashion and style director Jessica Diehl says of the actress.

Lawrence was reportedly “very brave and nonchalant” about having a reptilian draped all over her–only showing signs of discomfort when the boa constrictor took a fancy to her neck.

Here’s the full photo:


Picture by: Patrick Demarchelier / Vanity Fair

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