See Kristen Stewart’s New Chanel Ad!

Kristen Stewart’s new Chanel ad has been unveiled… and she looks gorgeous!

kristen stewart chanel ad

Have you ever seen her looking so posh and elegant? For a woman who is usually seen in casual shirts, jeans, sneakers, and messy bedhead hair, Kristen Stewart sure cleans up nice.

The actress, who signed on as one of Chanel’s brand ambassadors in 2013, is currently starring in a new ad campaign for the designer label’s handbags. In one of the photos, which was shot by Karl Lagerfeld, Stewart poses in a stylish suit, a plain white shirt, and a beautiful Chanel handbag–the classic 11.12 bag.

Here’s the full photo of the ad:

kristen stewart chanel ad

“For me the iconic handbag is just like the House of Chanel, fundamental and modern, two qualities not usually shared,” the “Equals” actress says of the elegant bag.

Kristen brings some of her signature edginess to the elegant ad, helped by the messy hair and the plain shirt—-both elements of a trademark Kristen look.

Picture by: Chanel

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