Lance Bass Claims Harry Styles Was Already Planning to Quit One Direction Before Zayn Malik’s Exit

Lance Bass has claimed that Harry Styles was already planning on quitting One Direction long before Zayn Malik’s abrupt exit from the group last month.

lance bass

During a recent appearance on “The Meredith Vieira Show,” the former *NSYNC boybander revealed that Harry Styles had been planning on quitting One Direction for a long time–long before Zayn Malik made his surprising departure, which was announced last month.

“Harry Styles been ready to go solo for many months,” Bass said. “In fact, he’s been recording solo and was about to leave.”

He continued: “The Zayn thing was just spur of the moment, but I think the best move he could have ever done because… Harry Styles was a household name, my grandmother knows who Harry Styles is. Zayn Malik, didn’t really know the name until he was the first to leave the group, so kudos to him for being smart to leave.”

Nonetheless, Bass believes that the members of 1D will remain very good friends. “I think the guys are always going to be friends… they’re brothers,” he explained. “They were put in a situation that they didn’t know they were going to be in. They were put together on a television show. That they lasted this long as a group is a surprise to me. Hopefully, the other four can go on and do a little more music. I see Harry leaving soon and I don’t see another One Direction album happening after he does.”

Do you believe Lance’s claim?

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