Hailey Baldwin On Rumored Boyfriend Justin Bieber: “I Have Nothing But Love” For Him

hailey baldwin and justin bieber

Justin Bieber has been repeatedly linked to actor Stephen Baldwin’s daughter, Hailey, since last year. In fact, it was also rumored that the Stephen had warned Bieber by saying, “Hands off my baby,” and that longtime ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez had declared “war” against the model. What’s there to doubt? After all, there have been tons of photos of the two kissing and getting cozy, as well as an interview of Justin saying that he “really loves” Hailey.

It’s hard to believe that they’re not a couple and that their relationship has remained platonic, but you may also remember that Hailey admitted in an interview last February that they’re “not an exclusive couple.”

A couple nonetheless, eh?

In a new interview with MTV, Hailey admits, “Justin’s awesome. I have nothing but love for him and good things to say about him. We support each other!”

As for all of the tabloid reports about her and Justin, she exclaims, “This whole industry can be very crazy, it’s very fake and can actually be quite scary at times. I think the biggest LOL for me was that I was pregnant and engaged to be married.”

We may have gotten confused about the two, but her loving him was pretty obvious, don’t you think?

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