Blac Chyna Sex Tape With Tyga Leaks

Tyga and Blac Chyna on Instagram

A sex tape featuring Blac Chyna and her ex and baby daddy, rapper Tyga, has reportedly leaked and is being shopped around to adult video companies.

Chyna, who is currently engaged to Kim Kardashian’s brother Rob, seems to be on top of the issue and (unlike Kim) is trying to block the explicit video’s release. The model is planning to sue anyone who posts or tries to sell her tape.

No news on when the tape was made, and whether or not it’s really the former couple in it. But judging from Chyna’s defensive actions, it looks like she has made a dirty video with Tyga–who’s dating the Kardashian sister, Kylie Jenner, by the way.

California law covers a celebrity’s “right of publicity,” so unless the two decide to release their sex tape, adult video companies won’t be able to buy it. The question is, will they be able to protect it from being released? Will there be someone crazy enough to release it with the risk of being caught and jailed? It’s definitely happened before.

Photo via Instagram

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