Taylor Swift Tops Forbes’ List Of Highest Paid Celebrities

taylor swift

Taylor Swift may have been heartbroken a couple of times, but it really doesn’t seem to matter at all anymore. She was able to write lyrics for chart-topping and money-raking hits, made a good living from her income–a whopping $170 million in earnings over the past year–and got her the top spot of Forbes’ annual list of moneymaking stars for 2016.

This is a huge leap from placing 8th with $80 million in last year’s list, which was then topped by Floyd Mayweather. It’s all huge thanks to her “1989 World Tour” that earned her more than $200 million.

At the number 2 spot is One Direction with $110 million, while other famous entertainers and celebs like Kevin Hart is in sixth place with $87.5 million, Howard Stern at number 7 with $85 million, Adele at number 9 with $80.5 million, Madonna at number 12 with $76.5 million, Rihanna at number 13 with $75 million, Calvin Harris at number 21 with $63 million, Forbes’ cover model Kim Kardashian at number 42 with $51 million and Katy Perry at number 63 with $41 million.

Photo via Forbes

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