Niall Horan Slams Fan Who Tweeted Photo Of Him Sleeping On A Plane

niall horan

Niall Horan was angered after a supposed fan took a photo of him without permission as he slept on a plane.

The One Direction singer did say that he didn’t want the fan to take pictures, but she still did it anyway and proudly posted it on her Twitter.

niall horan sleeping plane

She wrote:

“And to sum up the PERFECT European adventure, I sat directly next to Niall from One Direction for 9 hours on my flight home from London last night. He was sick and asked for no selfies, but here is a pic I snapped while he was sleeping lol he was so friendly!”

The alleged fan continued:

“Talked about Ireland LSE, lolla, and more. Not a British duke… But an Irish Popstar will do. thanks for treating me so well Europe!”

The star later found the post, thanks to his millions of followers, and wasn’t too happy about the photo. He tweeted a screenshot of the fan’s post and also wrote:

“I think this sh*t is unreal. I mean if you can’t sleep on a plane without people taking photos of you, what can u do?”

His true fans were quick to respond in support and with sympathy as they also demanded respect for their idol. Indeed, it’s not always fly to be a famous pop star.

Photos via Twitter

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