Seth Rogen Rates Orlando Bloom’s And Justin Bieber’s Penis Pictures (Video)

seth rogen on WWHL

Seth Rogen rated Orlando Bloom’s and Justin Bieber’s leaked penis pictures while on Sunday’s “Watch What Happens Live.”

You may have already heard (and seen?) that nude photos of Bloom were exposed after he was photographed during a vacation with girlfriend Katy Perry in Italy. Bieber was also photographed in the buff while vacationing in Hawaii last year.

Rogen jokingly said about the widely-discussed social media snapshots:

“Oh, yeah. As soon as I hear there’s a famous penis out there, I’m the first person to ravenously devour it online.”

Host Andy Cohen then asked Rogen flat out:

“Who would you say, as a straight guy, had the nicer penis of the two?… Who’s is nicer, would you say?”

The comedian answered:

“I’ve seen Justin’s before so maybe I was just like, ‘I’ve been there, done that a little bit.’ And it’s wonderful, but Orlando’s I was really happy with. Good for him!”

Rogen went on:

“[Orlando]’s in great shape overall. So, I thought, honestly, Orlando’s probably a bigger guy and proportionally, his penis, it looked to scale, which makes me think overall, it’s probably bigger.”

Oh, and he also had something to say about Orlando’s butt. Watch his interview below:


Photo via Video Screen Grab

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